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16401 NW 37th Avenue
Miami Gardens, FL 33054

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What makes our Sports Administration Program unique, besides highly qualified professors, is a well-established internship program and access to professionals in the sports field. We are located in South Florida, one of the most sports industry-rich areas in the world.

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As a leader in the field of Sports Administration, St. Thomas University (Biscayne College) pioneeredthe first undergraduate sports administration program in the nation in 1973.In 1977, St. Thomas University began offering a Master of Science (MS) in Sports Administration as a vehicle for teaching the unique skills of management necessary for the modern sports administrator. Presently, the Sports Administration Program offers both a BA and a BBA in Sports Administration at the undergraduate level, and on the graduate level, an MS in Sports Administration, an MBA with a specialization in Sports Administration, and two joint degrees with the School of Law: JD/MBA and†JD/MS. Saint Thomas University also started a DBA in Sports Administration this year.

The curriculum design, blending management and sports business courses, meets the challenge of the rapidly changing world of sports. The growth of professional sports, college athletics, leisure services, facility management, and media and business participation has created a need for specialized professional preparation.The complex nature of today's sports programs is increasing the need for professionally prepared sports managers.The uniqueness of the sports administration programs at St.

Thomas University revolves around three elements:

  1. Business courses with an application to sports comprise the curriculum
  2. South Florida is a natural laboratory setting which affords numerous opportunities for aspiring sports administrators to gain valuable experience while taking their classes and pursuing their degrees.Students are assisted with learning about available local opportunities via weekly (or as needed) emailed documents
  3. The South Florida area, a major sports market, exposes students to sports industry professionals who serve as guest lecturers and adjunct professors thus increasing the studentsí networking base.Professionals from all areas of sports are engaged in lending counsel and instruction through adjunct professorships, classroom presentations, volunteer opportunities, and internships. Throughout the year, leaders from the sports industry are invited as seminar speakers on specific topics related to sports management.

What makes our Sports Administration Program unique, besides highly qualified professors, is a well established internship program. South Florida is one of the†most sports industry-rich areas†in the country, with the four major sports franchises as well as PGA, LPGA, ATP, WTA,†NASCAR, bowl games, spring training, etc. Our students, because of our well-placed alumni, are able to seek internships all over the country as they have access to our alumni. Additionally, St. Thomas Universityís Sports Administration program is able to bring top industry speakers into the classroom.

The STU Sports Administration Program is located in St. Thomas Universityís Fernandez Family Center for Leadership and Wellness (FFC) which was dedicated in September of 2009. Both the programís classroom and faculty offices are headquartered in the Fernandez Center. Under the direction of the FFC director, Sports Administration students oversee the daily operations of the Center and help coordinate the needs of all of the athletic teams and outside event

MS or MBA in Sports Administration - Campus

Since 1977, St. Thomasí sports administration program has been a national leader in graduate sports administration/management education.Professionals from all areas of sports and athletics are engaged in lending counsel and instruction through adjunct professorships, classroom presentations, volunteer opportunities, and internships. Throughout the year, leaders from the sports industry are invited to be speakers on specific topics related to sports management.

In 1994, a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) with a specialization in Sports Administration was introduced to meet the need for more accounting and financially trained professionals.America is on the move, and the business of sports, from professional baseball to managing a fitness center, needs well-prepared administrators.

Since a great percentage of our graduate students are from somewhere other than South Florida, they are expected to get involved with local sports organizations, gaining valuable experience while they are taking their classes.This affords them the opportunity to explore a variety of areas in sports, learning what they like to do as well as what they donít particularly care to do.In addition, as they take that information into the classroom, it is shared with their classmates who learn from it, too.They are assisted with finding experiential opportunities via the weekly (or as needed) emailed documents listing the opportunities for experience that have come in since the last mailing.In addition, the annual graduate sports administration student reception (held in August each year and by invitation only) is an event not to be missed.Twenty to thirty local sports organizations send representatives (many of whom are our alumni) to announce their needs for graduate student help.

In addition, students at the graduate level have an opportunity to be selected to attend the Baseball Winter Meetings.As a group of ten, they serve as the operations staff for the Professional Baseball Employment Opportunities - PBEO Job Fair.This has been an annual offering since 1995 and is testament to the quality of work that our students display. (Please see the information on the web pages for degree program requirements.)

BA or BBA in Sport Administration - Campus

St. Thomas University founded one of the first Sports Administration Program in the nation in 1973 when we were still Biscayne College. The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), founded in 1995, is a very strong business, finance and accounting degree that is applicable to any business industry beyond sports administration.The Bachelor of Arts degree is an option for transfer students who may lose too many credits during the transfer process because they may not have been pursuing a business degree at their previous schools.Both degrees are 120 credit hours.Our most unique feature is the emphasis that is placed on getting experience.Our South Florida climate allows for year around sports events, and students are encouraged to get experience while they are taking their classes.They are assisted with finding experiences via the weekly (or as needed) emailed documents listing the opportunities for experience that have come in since the last mailing.(Please see the information on the web pages for degree program requirements.)

JD/MS or JD/MBA in Sports Administration - Campus

Joint degrees with the School of Law = Juris Doctor (J.D.) with a Master of Science in Sports Administration or J.D. with a Master of Business Administration in Sports Administration

Insofar as most U.S. colleges and universities with law schools have added joint degree programs to fulfill the educational needs of law students who want to succeed in the business world today, these colleges and universities have gained a competitive advantage when compared to colleges and universities that do not provide this program.As no two students are the same, neither should they be forced into only one degree option.Therefore, two sports administration masterís degree options are available to St. Thomas law students that are a Joint J.D. (Law) and Master of Science in Sports Administration and a Joint J.D. (Law) and Master of Business Administration in Sports Administration.††

The faculties of the Law School and the School of Business work in close collaboration to offer exciting, joint-degree programs: the J.D./M.S. in Sports Administration and the J.D./M.B.A. in Sports Administration.These programs offer St. Thomas students the opportunity to complete both the Juris Doctor and the Master's degrees in the three years it typically takes to complete the Juris Doctor degree alone. The School of Business and the Law School have agreed to accept credits from courses taken at the other school, thereby reducing the total number of credits needed for both degrees. Participants thus complete both degrees, receiving a diploma for each, in a reduced period with reduced overall costs.

Joint degree students generally enter and complete their first year of law school prior to taking any master level courses. However, a student may begin one of the applicable master's programs prior to starting law school. Upon admission to the law school he/she will be required To take the entire first year law school curriculum (and no master's level courses.) A student can be given credit only for the master level courses taken after matriculating into the law school.

While the School ofBusiness and the School of Lawwork together in providing these joint degree programs, a joint JD/MS.SA or a JD/MBA.SA degree program offers clear benefits to its law students who are eager to pursue opportunities in not only sports but in entertainment in general.(Please see the information on the web pages for degree program requirements.)

DBA in Sports Administration - Campus

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Sports Administration is designed to prepare individuals for management positions in the sports industry and faculty positions in higher education. The degree program prepares graduates in a Business and Sports background, as well as establishing a strong research base. The program requires completion of 90 credit hours of graduate level course work beyond the baccalaureate degree. It is perfect for doctoral candidates who have earned a Masters of Business Administration or a Masterís degree in Sports Administration/Management.

The sports field has a need for more qualified professionals with a strong business background. The DBA in Sports Administration curriculum provides professional preparation for management and leadership positions with professional sports teams, intercollegiate athletics, and higher education. Most Masters and Doctoral programs in Sports Administration/Management do not provide their graduates with Business Administration credentials. Additionally, most MBA programs do not provide their graduates with Sports Administration/Management credentials. Therefore, our DBA curriculum will make our graduates uniquely qualified in the field.

Ted Abernethy, Ph.D.
Director of Sports Administration


For detailed info visit our website

Robert Epling
(305) 474-6049

Song, Seok-Ho
(305) 474-6909

Ted Abernethy
Director of Sports Administration Programs, Professor
(305) 628-6630

Hans Malebranche MBA student 2011
The decision to attend St. Thomas University can be attributed to much more than the prospect of living on the beach. The Sports Administration program here is one of the nationís elite. Many schools talk about experiential learning, but itís not the same at St. Thomas. With the institution being as small as it is, there are ample opportunities to get involved right on campus, and I am not just talking about running copies for some assistant AD. Within our athletic department alone is the chance to work hand-in-hand with our Athletic Director, get real-life learning experience as the Sports Information Director, or prove your ethics and moral standards as the compliance coordinator. Graduate student positions like facility manager and intramural coordinator will not only afford you the experience, but also a way to finance your education at the same time. And once you step off campus the possibilities are endless. All four professional sports leagues are represented here, big time intercollegiate athletics, NASCAR, elite levels of high school athletics, golf, the Orange Bowl Committee, soccer, World Judo competitions, personal training, etc. We have an alumni network that covers all these areas and more! There truly is no end to the number of organizations that will allow you the chance to develop your skills, build your resume, and complement the classic learning happening in the classroom. To that end, we shouldnít forget about the education. St. Thomas offers several degree options; whether you want to earn a Masterís degree, an MBA with a sports administration focus, or pair either with a J.D. from our nationally-recognized St. Thomas School of Law, there is something here for everybody. Oh, and youíll be able to call your family from the beach, when itís snowing back in your hometown!
Kim Hall Director USTA 2015
Erik Burkhardt Co-Head Select Sports Group, LLC 2007
Teresa Resch Vice President of Basketball Operations and Player Development Toronto Raptors 2006
Manny Colon Director of Travel Florida Marlins 2000
Janine Bethea Director of Women's Basketball Operations University of Nebraska 1998
Scott MacKenzie Regional Vice President Ė West Region IMG College 1996
Mike Nichols Sports and Event Management Professional LPGA 1995
Michael C. Godoy Vice President of Operations SMG 1995
Michael S Kelly Chief Operating Officer College Football Playoff 1994
Mitch Morrall VP, Events & Operations Orange Bowl Committee 1994
Jerry A McBurney Manager of Business Development Fighting Illini Sports 1993
Daniel Katz President Complete Ticket Solutions-CTS 1993
Edward S Krajewski Assistant Commissioner ECAC Hockey 1993
Blake James Athletic Director University of Miami 1993
Brian Babin Assistant General Manager American Airlines Arena - The Heat Group 1991
Robert M. Agramonte Chief Business Development Officer Learfield Sports 1990
Dr. Larry Teis Director of Athletics Texas State University 1990
Andy Elisburg Senior Vice President/GM Miami Heat 1989
Jeff S Craney Vice President/Marketing Miami Heat 1988
Missy Betres Manager, Special Events ESPN Regional Television 1987
Albert E Avila Vice President/GM Detroit Tigers 1986
Dave Gettleman General Manager Carolina Panthers 1986
James J Hendry Special Assistant to the General Manager NY Yankees 1981

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